How We Got Here, Who We Are and Our Board of Directors!


In February of 2010, founder Jenny Kennedy came across an article that really inspired her. It was about a non-profit organization across the country who threw birthday parties for homeless children. Jenny decided that this was something she wanted to take on herself. After running the idea by her daughter, Shelly Marlowe, and her daughter-in-law, Jana Coffin, they decided to form Making Kids Count, Inc.

Jana graduated from Capital University Law School and Shelly graduated from Youngstown State University with a Business Administration degree. The combination of Jenny’s determination, and the two daughter’s degrees and enthusiasm about the organization really helped get MKC off the ground.

Together, they came up with a twist to the original article’s mission. They weren’t just going to do birthday parties, they were going to expand their mission to be able to reach out to individuals on a personal basis. They decided they didn’t want to just work with those in poverty, but with all children and their families who may need a helping hand.

In September of 2012, Making Kids Count hired Colleen Eisenbraun as Program Manager.

In the fall of 2018, Making Kids Count changed its’ name to Project MKC to encompass all that is being done as a staff, team and community!


The staff at Project MKC works very hard every day to secure funding for program expansion, develop new programs to further assist struggling families and to continue to streamline the current programs that are in place.

Jenny Kennedy
Jenny KennedyFounder
Shelly Marlowe
Shelly MarloweCo-President
Jana Coffin
Jana CoffinCo-President
Colleen Eisenbraun
Colleen EisenbraunProgram Director


  • Project MKC is lucky to have such a dedicated and supportive Board of Directors.
  • Cassie Whitman, Julie Sardich, Kelley Mills, President Kelli Catullo, Brett Franklin, Jami Erjavic, Heidi Hout, Jack Wilkins, Doug Sposetta, Secretary Cara Reynolds (Not Pictured: Treasurer Greg Kirchner)